Shopping in Paris

Paris: the city of love. By train you are 3 hours away from Paris. And shopping in Paris is great. Overlook the other tourists, because there is good shopping in Paris. Shopping Paris is a great city for shopping. You will encounter tourists on every corner, but whether you are looking for something exclusive or […]

Sarıyer: a district of Istanbul

Sarıyer is a district located in the European part of Istanbul. What are the sights and entertainment options in Sariyer? Things to see in Sariyer Rumelia Castle is undoubtedly the main attraction of Sarıyer. Yet there are also other sights. Belgrade Forest District: Bahçeköy The Belgrade Forest (Belgrad Ormanı) is the place where the residents […]

Holiday in Macedonia (Ohrid)

Macedonia is a unique holiday destination. It is a country full of history, with many cultural sights, but also a country with forests, mountains and lakes. It is only a 2.5 hour flight. Ohrid, the oldest city in the world, is the country’s tourist attraction. Landscape Macedonia The landscape in Macedonia is mountainous and rich […]

Cheap holiday in the south of Poland

After the opening of the Iron Curtain, many Dutch holidaymakers found their way to the former Eastern Bloc countries. Countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria were considered cheap destinations and offered new tourist vistas. Poland was generally avoided. Yet southern Poland is an area that offers holidaymakers everything for a successful […]

Üsküdar: a district of Istanbul

Üsküdar is a district located in the Asian part of Istanbul. Unlike many other districts of the city, Üsküdar is very cozy. What are the sights and entertainment options in Üsküdar? Sights in Uskudar The district is mainly known for its Kız Kulesi, although there are also other sights. A number of them are described […]

Fatih: a district of Istanbul

Fatih is the most touristic district of Istanbul. The district is located in the European part of the city. What are the sights and entertainment options in Fatih? Sights in Fatih Fatih is rich in historical sites. There is a lot to see, especially in the Eminönü district. Some of these sights are described below. […]

Glastonbury: The legendary Avalon

The legends surrounding one of England’s holiest sites attract a large number of visitors and pilgrims. Was King Arthur really buried here on the grounds of the abbey? Is the Holy Grail hidden in the Chalice Well? Does a spiral maze indeed wind its way up to the top of Glastonbury Tor? Glastonbury Tor Rising […]